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the begger
i am numb here
behind empty eyez
bloody cotton balls line my home
needles seek relief
addiction that I feed
beggin for more money
to feed this hunger for fire
running inside my blood
fix me
give me that last fix
just one more could save me
i am heavy eyez empty
looking for relief from the cold
some food to eat
but still I starve
no coins for me
because I crave more
crawling in the streets
scraping the concrete for pennies
rattling in my cup
I am so numb
I can barely be called human.
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institutionally blinded
>>>do i chase you or do i chase your white skin
rigid expectations when loving him
do i see how I will never be your model
do i not believe in the ability to educate you
the complexities of a system it took me, as a brown woman, years to understand
ur a protected boy... could you ever comprehend??
institutional racism lessons in between Guitar Hero.
you never see me and i never see him.
we can't, or we wont understand.
racism is hidden in language
people dont as much just come out and say it
people express racism through favorites
and then non favorites are haters.
i could love you, but do i sink into black skin?
do i love it better loving him, does it feel better on my skin
that he has felt the world he lives in.
am i saying you do not feel?
perhaps it just your expectation of thin
of loving model bodies, and girlish women
you dont put your hands on me like he does.
i dont feel as pretty when we touch.
i'm afraid with you that i'll forget to remember
i'm richer than you but you'll alw
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Nightly cycles
I'm thinking of ways to weather down this situation.
It has been on going for awhile now.
and Now it's come forth to my attention.
I am wide awake while the stars fly pass in the sky,
hiding from me sometimes
because I prey upon them.
Each star to her own,
my force might'em explode.
I am exposed here.
All ribs to be seen.
All internal organs left out to rot.
All blood draining out of flesh.
I can't move.
I'm stuck on a nightly cycle.
I am an owl watching the world quiet and breathe.
Watching the lively folk turn in their sleep.
Holding the powers to control their good dreams.
A single thought out loud could really start something.
And my karma is aching to feel something great again.
Too many things are left undone
because I don't have the strength to hold them in my arms.
The sun has carried away my head to the clouds
with silver linings trying to make up for every lost 24 hours.
the warmth caressing me
into brown shades of flesh.
Feel something not alone.
Tactile experiences at h
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I speak best thru my fingers
I speak best through my fingers.
My words find a louder voice on paper
mostly elegant and mature,
wise beyond their years  
My words skip inside my brain in billions
like a flock of birds.
Jus pick and chose I'll give you the stories and their words.
I get twisted tongues when I try to verbalize those letters,
each thought deep in sense and feeling;
too much to hang in the air,
heavy enough only for paper.
Sometimes poetry speaks volumes when its soft, made real.
Seen along the walls.
those words travelling across entire continents to find more.
Lost in a bed of 26 letters.
So many words that want your attention;
in different languages.
All written and spoken words are poetry with you.
Hidden in the creases of your curves
every edge of your beautiful brown body
another word is found to capture the essence of that feeling better
vivasiously delicious,
aching desires,
deperate yearnings
physical abstance always makes the heart grow tender,
like the words found in every love let
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Mature content
poet :iconcut-no-angl333:Cut-no-angl333 1 0
Daze for dayz and daze and day
these days,
every one of these daze,
looking into your gaze
in my memory
does not fade
across miles through
the universe's parallel dimensions,
beyond corperal perception
looking into mind travel
projection into your surroundings
astral phenomenon
just to be in this daze
for days unlimited
and every night.
in your gaze
for dayz
and daze
:iconcut-no-angl333:Cut-no-angl333 0 0
Mature content
You are my Daddi :iconcut-no-angl333:Cut-no-angl333 1 0
insomniac behavior
Cursed and conditioned
from the earliest times I can remember
this erratic behavior
insomniac for years
staying up into the latest hours
where there is morning when I sleep
purple eyes hang low
hunger is in the pit of my stomach
I dont eat even if I'm able to
forget the time and place
get lost in the days,
i don't have to remember what day of the week it is,
pry open my eyes
when i wake up mid afternoon,
dont need an alarm clock
i'm stuck like bubble gum on the bottom of your shoe.
told i'm no good. intolerable.
Stemming from my days in the womb.
Always need to move around
somehow find stability.
I have the need to travel constantly,
live on airplanes.
I have the worst sleeping patterns.
Insomniac for years, ask my mother.
I would sleep every day through the sunshine,
nothing mattered.
Even now, as I have you.
Only difference between now and then is that I miss the sunrays now.
I miss glowing dark brown skin in the light,
with blue skies that I forget exist sometimes.
I can't change ha
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United States
Hopes at my feet. Don't you see them?

Skin of choice: My own.
Personal Quote: Life is a neck. Drink dEEP.
  • Listening to: alarm clocks going off
  • Reading: Prozac Nation
  • Watching: Luvureyez
  • Playing: with myself
  • Eating: pussy
  • Drinking: Vitamin C
i dont mean to be this way, love.
: Idont know how to be any other way
: and it takes time to adjust
: ive been like this because i have literally been stuck at home
: home is a vaccuum
: bubblegum on my shoe
: a heavy stone in my stomach
: the house I live in drains me but also,
: has taught me to be the way that i am.
: isolated.
: dark.
: dwelling. stuck.

you are not immune.


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